Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Beidou 2 vs Galileo

Um artigo a ler no South China Morning Post (link para assinantes), num trabalho interessante da jornalista China's plans for its own satellite navigation system have stunned its partners at Europe's Galileo project"

Alguns excertos:

"If China were to push ahead on a global civilian system we would review our relationship because we do not have an interest in helping them into the mass market," said Paul Verhoef, head of the Galileo programme at the EU Commission's headquarters in Brussels.

Steven Tsang Yui-sang, a lecturer in Chinese politics at Oxford University, said: "Galileo is a very powerful back-up system for China's military. The US may destroy Chinese satellites but they will not destroy Galileo.

Ironically, the change to a publicly funded Galileo has pushed the economic benefits to the background in favour of its military use. "In the beginning it was true Galileo was a civilian, commercial undertaking, but after all the delays and with the public funding the security and military rationale has become stronger," said Jose Carlos Matias, a Macau-based expert on China's involvement in Galileo.

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