Friday, April 11, 2008

Pesos, medidas e proporções

1. Na China continental (primeiro sistema) Chen Liangyu, ex secretário do Partido Comunista Chinês em Xangai, foi condenado a 18 anos de prisão.

Chen is accused of being at the center of a high-profile scandal in which more than $400 million in pension funds were improperly invested in real estate and toll road projects that included Shanghai's new Formula One race track. He was accused of lending large amounts from the pension fund and helping businessmen buy stakes in state-owned companies, resulting in huge losses.

"Ex-Party Boss in China Gets 18 Years" , AFP

2. Na Região Administrativa Especial de Macau, (segundo sistema), em Janeiro, Ao Man Long, ex secretário dos transportes e obras públicas foi condenado a 27 anos de prisão.

n a four-month investigation, anti-graft officials said they discovered assets worth about 800 million patacas (US$99.5 million), more than 57 times what Ao and his family could have earned over a seven-year period.

Ex-official in Macau guilty of corruption, gets 27 years", China Post

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