Sunday, March 29, 2009

Leituras Dominicais

"The EU ought to respect Chinese sovereignty and stop trying to intervene in Tibet's affairs through a unilateralist approach. Although China will reject formal talks with the EU on Tibet, it is likely to listen to its suggestions if the EU and its members can deal with the issue from a friendly and constructive approach that would not be considered as intervention in domestic affairs. Chinese people always hope their friends can save their "face".

"Sino-EU ties hijacked by Tibet issue", Jian Junbo, Asia Times.

"Since the Tiananmen crackdown, the Chinese government has greatly refined its repressive capabilities. Responding to tens of thousands of riots each year has made Chinese law enforcement the most experienced in the world at crowd control and dispersion. Chinese state security services have applied the tactic of "political decapitation" to great effect, quickly arresting protest leaders and leaving their followers disorganized, demoralized, and impotent. If worsening economic conditions lead to a potentially explosive political situation, the party will stick to these tried-and-true practices to ward off any organized movement against the regime"
"Will the Chinese Communist Party Survive the Crisis?", Minxin Pei, Foreign Affairs (via Exílio de Andarilho)

"(...) is it really worth it for the Chinese people to give up their development model in place of Western democracy, and to use enormous social costs and time to learn and establish democracy? Is Western democracy really suitable for China's conditions, which are different from the West? Can copying the Western model be more successful then following the Chinese model? All of these require considerations. After all, institutional experiments involve the fortunes and the lives of millions of people; we need to object to the priori arguments of "only so and so can save China."
"Looking at Chinese democracy from the perspective of village election", Song Luzhen, CEG.

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