Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ban Ki Moon: O Senhor que se segue

Fala de si como um homem dos consensos e que procura a harmonia na comunidade internacional. Mas afinal que tipo de Secretário-Geral da ONU vai ser este?

Excertos do discurso que proferiu no dia 21 de Setembro perante a Assembleia-Geral da ONU:

"The key lesson to be drawn from the Korean experience over the past decades is that education is key to development, and woman and girls are the most effective agents for change and social progress"

"The undiminished human suffering in Palestine remains another source of deep concern. We urge the early revival of the stalled peace process. The violence and loss of innocent lives in Iraq concern us enormously as well. We trust that Iraq will become a stable and prosperous democracy under the leadership of its new government"

O discurso pode ser lido aqui.

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