Monday, May 26, 2008

O sismo de Sichuan e a transparência (Leituras Pós-Dominicais)

Bernard Chan, no South China Morning Post, 23-05-2008:
"The openness surrounding this huge tragedy has united the country in giving and sharing, but also in expecting a new level of accountability. Continued openness will enable Beijing to meet that expectation".

Heather Saul em "China's seismic shift toward transparency " , CEG
"Whatever the reason for this revolutionary access to information, it is important to note how enthusiastic the Chinese media and the Chinese people have become in regards to open media reporting".

Jorge Almeida Fernandes no Público, 25-05-2008:
"A 'humilhação olímpica' enfraqueceu a autoridade de Hu, disseram na altura os analistas. A sua resposta à tragédia de Sichuan restaura a sua posição. Se na China não há uma grande pressão pró-democrática, há uma crescente exigência d eliberdade de crítica: a 'transparência'".

Li Datong,"China's soft-power failure", Open Democracy
"The Chinese government needs to understand that in response to the western media, an independent and free Chinese press would be much more credible than a government spokesperson. The truth lies not in one voice, but slowly becomes apparent amidst a diverse range of voices. An understanding of this underlies the effective deployment of soft power"

Jane Macartney, "A seismic shift in China’s relations with West?" no The Times
"In an unprecedented departure for this tightly screened leadership, he invited a small group of foreign journalists – including just a single newspaper correspondent, from The Times – to join him (...) Mr Wen’s embrace of a style of leadership more commonly associated with politicians in democratic countries, worried about their election prospects, is unlikely to be the action of an individual. Chinese leaders do not make such radical shifts from usual practice without a great deal of thought and a meeting of at least some members of the nine-man Politburo Standing Committee that rules China."

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