Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ainda o Tibete

É importante ler o texto do correspondente da The Economist na China, provavelmente o único jornalista estrangeiro que testemunhou a violência dos últimos dias:

"Your correspondent, the only foreign journalist with official permission to be in Lhasa when the violence erupted, saw crowds hurling chunks of concrete at the numerous small shops run by ethnic Chinese lining the streets of the city’s old Tibetan quarter. They threw them too at those Chinese caught on the streets—a boy on a bicycle, taxis (whose drivers are often Chinese) and even a bus. Most Chinese fled the area as quickly as they could, leaving their shops shuttered. "

"A handful of riot police with shields and helmets (but no guns visible) patrolled in front of the Jokhang as the riots continued around them, while others stood in lines at the perimeter of the riot-torn area. But for many hours they made no attempt to intervene. After nightfall, fire engines supported by two armoured personnel carriers, moved down the streets putting out the blazes. But the police carrying automatic rifles atop the armoured vehicles did not attempt to deploy on the streets. The occasional bang was heard, but it was difficult to tell whether it was shooting or explosions in the fires. "

Este é o melhor contributo que li nestes dias. Limpo da propaganda da Xinhua (agência estatal de notícias da China) e da Radio Free Asia (estação financiada pelo Congresso dos EUA).

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