Monday, March 17, 2008

O Tibete e as duas propagandas

Sendo impossível aos jornalistas estrangeiros (até aos de Hong Kong) reportar o que se está a passar em Lhasa, a internet é praticamente a única via de eyewitnessing.
O site Danwei elabora uma lista de sítios onde são publicados testemunhos e cita Wang Lixion, marido da escritora tibetana Woeser.

"Today, information on Tîbet is duopolized by two different political propaganda machines. One machine is located in Beijing, and the other in Dhåramsala. Since Tibet is to a large extent still under a state of blockade, other individuals or organizations find it very difficult to obtain independent information (especially at the macroscopic level). Like it or not, people who are concerned about Tîbet are getting most of their information from these two propaganda machines.The bad thing is that the information from these two sources is almost surely conflicting with and even completely opposite to each other. Faced with this absurd situation, the solution is to choose your position first and decide which side you want to stand with, and then you treat the information from that side as true and everything from the other side as false". (negrito nosso)

P.S. O China Digital Times actualiza as várias notícias e testemunhos.

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