Monday, September 11, 2006

Wen Jiabao em discurso directo

"Democracy is a value pursued by all mankind and a fruit of civilisation created by mankind. However, in different historical stages and different countries, democracy is achieved through different forms and in different ways. There is not a single model".
"Democracy and direct elections in particular, should develop in an orderly way in keeping with the particular condition of a country. We are confident that when the people are capable of running a village through direct election, they will later be able to run a township, then a county and a province, true to the principle that our country is run by the people.
Since time is running out, I am afraid we have to stop here. The last message that I have for you is this: China’s development is a long-term and daunting task. To achieve development, we need peace, we need friends and we need time".

Ler mais em "Full text of the Chinese Prime Minister's interview", Times Online. (ligação via Arrastão)

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