Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A quinta geração I

Este é Li Keqiang, líder do Partido em Liaoning e considerado o primus inter pares dos "pretegés" de Hu Jintao. Caso o presidente ganhe o braço de ferro sobre o Grupo de Xangai é bastante provável que seja designado para o Comité Permanente do Politburo do Partido Comunista Chinês no Outono deste ano no Congresso do PCC; se assim for, estamos perante um candidato à sucessão. Sobre Li Keqiang, Willy Lam escreve que

"[He] has risen so fast through the hierarchy that party insiders have dubbed him the potential “core of the Fifth-Generation leadership,” a reference to senior cadres now in their late 30s to early 50s".
"Yet Beijing’s political observers have only given Li a mediocre rating. They point to his six-odd years in Henan, first as vice-party secretary, then as governor and party secretary"
"t is true that during his tenure the economy of Henan, China’s largest province in terms of population, has improved in lockstep with the rest of the country.
"Party Secretary Li was also ineffective in deterring grassroots officials from pocketing funds and donations that central authorities and foreign NGOs had given AIDS victims in 2003 and 2004."

Willy Lam, "The Fifth Generation of Chinese Communist Party", China Brief, Volume 6 , Issue 3 (February 01, 2006).

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