Friday, June 24, 2005

EUA-China: da interdependência e da dependência II

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Alan Greenspan, presidente da Reserva Federal, perante o Senado, sobre as relações económicas entre os EUA e a China:

"Some observers mistakenly believe that a marked increase in the exchange value of the Chinese renminbi (RMB) relative to the U.S. dollar would significantly increase manufacturing activity and jobs in the United States. I am aware of no credible evidence that supports such a conclusion."

"In the decades ahead, it is in our interest and that of the global economy that China continue to progress toward becoming a more market-based, productive, and dynamic economy in which individual initiative, not government decisionmaking, is the fundamental strength behind economic activity. For our part, it is essential that we not put that outcome, or our future, at risk with a step back into protectionism."

Ler aqui a declaração de Greenspan.

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