Monday, December 05, 2005

Manifestação em Hong Kong III

Ainda a propósito da marcha pela democracia de ontem nas ruas Hong Kong e do processo de reformas políticas na antiga colónia britânica, recordo as palavras ditas, em Março de 2005, por Lee Kuan Yew, "pai fundador" de Singapura:

"I said then if Hong Kong offered opportunities of growth, prosperity, business, I will stay but if it didn't, I would leave. Would you consider politics? I said 'no', it's a thankless job, you have a master in China, you have subsidiary masters in Hong Kong, and what Hong Kong was led to believe it wanted in the last few years of Chris Patten and Tiananmen, is what the leaders in Beijing cannot give. Beijing has no intention of allowing Hong Kong to be a pace-setter or trojan-horse, to try and change the system in China. Anything you do here in Hong Kong which does not disturb or can be an example what China should do, that they are prepared to allow."(...)

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